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The Colour of Christmas

The Colour of Christmas


White, yellow, orange or green, should it really matter? The colour of Christmas is in our hearts (and our wallets), lest we not forget.

There are many countries around the World that celebrate the holiday season without the colour of snow.

The twinkle of lights hanging from the houses on your street look just as good in the ambiance of green grass.

Instead of building snowmen the kids will be playing in puddles, either one creates a load of laundry. Look on the bright side, the dog doesn’t have to pee on the deck, he can still get down the stairs to do his business on the lawn.

There will be extra time to indulge in the ‘cheer’ of christmas this year, the snow plow won’t be plugging up the end of your driveway creating hours of shovelling.

On the unfortunate side, you won’t be able to use the weather as an excuse not show up at your In Laws for a sleep over Christmas Day.

Regardless of how you feel about what Mother Nature is offering us at the moment, it shouldn’t matter. Let your holiday season be all that it can be, remind yourself of all the blessing you have in your life. Let those blessing start with ‘you’.

This time of year is an occasion in which we often reflect on the 12 months that have passed. What do you want for ‘you’ in the next new 365 days that are coming soon?

Perhaps a reminder from me just to give you something to think about – Life is for Living. Let each day count no matter what your circumstances. Allow the prism of each new sunrise to ignite the true essence of who you are. Speak your truth, be your truth and smile, you are a beautiful Human Being. Follow the path of your intuitive nature, this passageway, with all of it’s obstacles is the only way to happiness and contentment.

Be a brave warrior in 2016, indulge yourself in what brings you joy.

Invite the joy rising inside of you to bring happiness into the lives of others as well, whom ever they are.