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Older and Wiser

Older and Wiser


Why do we have to get old to get wise? Why do we have to first be young and stupid to get old and smart?

Maybe what they taught us in school when we were kids wasn’t much of the stuff that we really needed to learn about. How many of us have actually used algebra or what we acquired from dissecting a frog, in our daily life?

What about this concept – if the educational curriculum was more about real life stuff and not so much about what we will never need or use, maybe we would be wiser when we are a little younger, and not have battle through all the raw life stuff to get smarter.

Real life, two very big words with so much depth and meaning. Getting real about life, what would be helpful? Perhaps when we are able to understand what really exists as a fact, not as something imagined or artificial, to take in to account what is genuine and what is not, would that work in our favour?

To be able to recognize the truth of our own power, to stand in that potential with healthy self-worth, these kind of teachings might help us to make better life decisions and choices!

There is no fast track to getting your Soul Work done, everything in it’s time, but if we knew more about our interior self when we were young, then getting through the real tough shit that comes along our path, so much of it would and could be handled differently.

What if we understood ‘depression’ for what it really is? What if instead of labeling ourselves (or letting someone else label us) we would be better equipped for the times when we are feeling really down, we would be wise enough to be able to help ourselves on a deeper level.

Those who work as educators should teach people about their Ego and their Soul, give more instruction and mentor human beings more on how to be better equipped to deal with the makings of what our inner world needs, as opposed to what happens when you cut open a frogs gut or making us go cross eyed to find the answer to a completely ridiculous math question, who cares!

Sometimes I catch myself shaking my head at myself, thinking ‘if I only knew then, what I know now’
Makes me smile. If we could only change the World……….