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Decode your Imaginary (Part One)

Decode your Imaginary (Part One)


Ever wonder what your dreams mean?

You wake up in the night full of sweats and fear, you just had the most bizarre dream and it’s rattled you to the core.

Perhaps once in a blue moon you might dream about a loved one that has passed over into the Spirit World and the next morning you find yourself smiling from ear to ear.

We have been conditioned to believe that our dreams don’t mean anything and they are unimportant, we disregard them most times, not giving them much thought.

We live our lives based on what we believe or what we have been lead to believe is ‘real’. The depth and meaning of our dreams don’t fit into the realistic category of who we are.

All we want most of the time is to know more about things we can touch and see, stuff that makes sense and feeds our Ego.

But what about the ‘inside’ of us. The part that we should explore more often. The Inner Being we are born with, but over time tuck it away to allow for decades of deep sleep.

We forget about the Soul we came to this earth with, we seem to have forgotten how to look inside altogether.
Many primitive cultures considered dreams to be invaluable. Dreams were a source of vital information and brought guidance and hope to the village.

And what about Carl Jung, he is considered by many to be the influential analyst of dreams. He studied several thousand dreams in his lifetime. He believed dreams were real.

I agree, what about you? Maybe it is time for all of us to give our dreams a little more consideration.

After all, we often wake up in the mornings asking ourselves questions like – I wish I could find my purpose, I wish I knew what I was meant to be doing, I wish I could get an answer to ‘why’?

I think that our dreams hold some of the answers to those questions we ponder so much about. Maybe it is time for us to ‘wake up’!!!

Some of our dreams, the ones that we remember with such clarity and precision are the ones that we need to journal so we don’t forget the details.

Dreams are not meaningless at all, they have a distinct intention and purpose. They bring information from our unconscious into our conscious.

In other words, it is another way our Soul can speak to us, whispering the answers to what we query so much about.

Dreams are our beacon of light in the dark of night, helping us find our way back to health and happiness.

Dreams are honest, they tell us truth about our life and who we are, where we need to go and what changes we need to make.

Pay attention or you might miss some vital information.