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Dark of Day

Dark of Day


Our eyes are open, but we are not yet awake.

The physical body of ourselves is still stiff and ridged from the workings of the day before.

We stretch and roll over, the warmth and comfort of our bed wants to keep us there, just 5 more minutes, we whisper to ourselves.

There goes that wretched alarm, time to get up.
If we’re lucky we might get a few minutes just to smile, the birds are chirping outside our bedroom window and the smell of dew expands our nostrils, making us sneeze.

It’s not long before our Ego becomes aware that we are awake, and so begins our day.
Daylight shines all around us, the sun is slowly rising but the darkness has crept in and the smile slowly disappears.

Looking in the mirror to comb our hair, what do we see? The self-image of a conscious thinking subject. Our analytical mind, staring right at us.

There is a possibility that you may not even recognize the image in the shiny surface in front of you. What happened to the beautiful reflection of light that I used to see when I looked at you? A question we might ask ourselves.

All those wrinkly lines of worry and that frown of sadness, where did all that come from?
Our Ego takes no time and quickly responds, ‘because your getting old’ and ‘everyone relies on you for everything’. Nodding your head, you don’t hesitate to agree. No wonder I look so unhappy, you whisper to yourself.

The theme has been set for another day of constant thinking, if I could only get out of my mind. I wish I knew how to shut myself up.

The workings of our Ego is to keep us constantly responsible for our reality, but not in a kind, uplifting and loving way, not at all. Our Ego’s number one job description, is to test us over and over again. The chatter in our head has one purpose only, to strengthen what we have been taught to believe is the ‘truth’.

The irony is ‘there is no truth’ in it at all. If you are brave enough, go back to the mirror, but this time ‘change your mind’.

Try that smile again, the one you had on your face before your Ego took over this morning. Allow your Soul to send you some of your beautiful inner light. It is simple, just begin to think ‘positive’ thoughts about yourself. I will guarantee that the lines and the frown will disappear, behind the reflection that looks 10 years younger than the image you saw just a few minutes ago.

Our day’s don’t have to be dark, the choice is ours. To be happy where we are, even if it is not our ideal place, or to be miserable, which only makes things worse.