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Bee Stings make me Cry

Bee Stings make me Cry


I woke up filled with emotional anger. I was caught totally off guard so I immediately started paying particular attention to what thoughts came into my head. Of course my Ego got involved right away, which only increased my anger and I became more confused.

I went outside to the solace of my forest and walked to my favourite spot. I sat down under my best loved cedar tree just to breathe and reconnect.

I felt something painful on my leg. Before I had a chance to realize what had happened, I felt pain on my hand, my elbow and my thigh. I had just disturbed an underground wasp nest. I started to run back to the house, to tend to the stings.

All the way to the back door I was yelling profanity. The stings weren’t getting much of my attention at all, because there was something else that was.

It was the anger that I could feel inside of me, it was more disturbing to me than the pain I was feeling from the wasp bites. I couldn’t control the yells of profanity that were coming out of my mouth. Loud swear words one after the other. A complete outburst of rage, I could feel the fire of fury that had been ignited inside of me.

Then the anger led to tears. I observed my sobbing. I could feel the inside of myself reacting to my anger and despair. I felt like a wounded child. The time had come to let it go.

I had been hiding these intense emotions for a very long time. The wasps were just a conduit, the stings were only to help surface the pain locked far below the surface of myself.

The duty of the wasp was to help channel the anger through the bite marks on my body. Everything happens for a reason!

A few day’s later I went out to cut the grass. Mowing the lawn is my meditation, a way in which to receive important messages.

Meditation of any kind allows us to connect to our intuitive nature. On this day, the message was clear – ‘channel your anger into something worthwhile’!

The messages that came later were a flood of new idea’s. A chance for me to ‘see’ new opportunities and ideas for the work that I do.

The moral of my story is this – everything that happens to us is a gift. No matter how big or how small, the circumstances are an opportunity for us to pay attention to ourselves. Go beyond the surface of everything, dig deeper and a higher meaning will show itself to you. Everything is a chance for you to grow, evolve and let go of what no longer serves you. Letting go of outdated beliefs, free us from staying stuck in our own mud. When we become lighter and get rid of what is weighting us down, we allow that space within us to fill up with new and exciting things. This is how we become more at peace with ourselves and the world.