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A Turning Point

A Turning Point


Periodically, through life we come to some kind of turning point. A time in which we are faced with a direction of ‘change’.

This change might come as a complete surprise, out of the blue and from the unknown. Perhaps the change was something you had everything to do with, you set the plans in motion and there it was.

Regardless, if there is something on the table of life for you that is about to alter, or become completely different, then accept that the time has come and trust the process the change will bring to you.

Nothing is meant to stay the same, how can it when we are constantly evolving. The person we are today, is not the very same person we were yesterday. Each and every day we are faced with some sort of ‘growth’. Challenges in our daily lives, big or tiny small, it doesn’t matter, in a 24 hour period of time there will be something that modified your thinking or way of doing.

So subtle are these adjustments to our way of life, we rarely notice them. As humans, we often only have our eyes wide open, when we are hit in the head with the preverbal plank. Somehow then, funnily enough, we are shocked and dismayed, uttering words like ‘I didn’t see that coming’.

The truth is, yes you did, you just weren’t paying attention. All of the signs were there to wake you up to what was happening, but if you are not connected to your ‘Inner Awareness’, then you will certainly not see the synchronistic events that took place before you got hit by the plank.

Be cautious of what you ask for in your thoughts and out loud, the Universe is always listening. If there is something in your life that you would like to change, don’t ask unless you are really ready, willing and able to make the adjustments.

The Universe will constantly test us. Checking in to how emotionally grounded we really are. Any decision that brings about change is a arduous and burdensome one. The Ego can be very demanding. It’s job is to wear us down, exhausting us mentally and emotionally.

Always with one goal in mind – to have everything remain the ‘same’. Ego hates change. It will begin to haunt us the moment we embark on a new venture, for instance, challenging an old belief about ourselves that is outdated.

Challenging what we have been programmed to believe is usually the first step to implementing ‘change’. 

Because ultimately change has to begin with ourselves, on an deep emotional level, before we can even glimpse at where the turning point will take us.