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You Can Repair Your Life

You Can Repair Your Life


Our lives are a tangled web of nothing more than situations and circumstances to assist in the evolution of our Soul.

Using our free will we make choices that set us up for the challenges that we face, to help us grow in the direction our Soul needs us to take.

The healthier our self-esteem, our self-worth and our self-respect, determines how well we make choices that effect our life.

From a child our ego (mind) absorbs all of what we experience in our external surroundings. We don’t have choices until we reach the age of about 7.

It is at this age that we experience life away from our parents and significant others that play a part in our life. We begin to make our own decisions about friends and how we interact with those people.

Our free will can cause us a great deal of trouble if we do not have a healthy relationship with our Self.

What the ego absorbed during the first years of our life is crucial to how our life will turn out as we begin to mature.

It isn’t until the Universe gets enough of our attention, this can happen in a number of ways, whether it through illness, a divorce or the loss of a family member, these kinds of events can catapult us into asking some deep and intimate questions of ourself. ‘What the heck is life all about’, ‘why am I here’, ‘do I have to be so angry and frustrated with my life’, ‘what is the reason for my illness’?

These are very good questions indeed and ones that deserve to be answered. Going into the depth of who you are, far deeper than you have ever dared to go before is the beginning, this is where you begin to repair your life.

Healing comes from the inside out, this process is often called a ‘spiritual journey’. Spiritual because it isn’t about what is happening or has happened in your external world, the decisions you have made up until now are in the past, you have either learned from your past or you have not.

The journey is about going inward and healing from your conditioned behaviours, all of the stuff you have inherited from your ancestors (parents), so you may begin to unconditional what is harming you in your life in the present.

In the world we live in today it is more important than ever that we begin to heal ourselves, it is the only way we can fell empowered to make a difference.

We can’t physically be where the disasters are, and I know for myself it is difficult to know that this is the truth, but we can all help to raise the vibration of this earth and god knows this is what we need more than anything else.

Begin to take a look at where you need to make adjustments in your life existence, recognize your ego voice and start to challenge what it says to you.

This task will help to strengthen your intuition, the universal energy that resides within you, your voice of reason to help you make decisions that will serve you well going forward.

You deserve to be happy, content and free, and this earth deserves to vibrate with energies that are healthy and vibrant, we all need this in our life. 

Much love and devotion