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You Are Not Your Body, You Have a Body

You Are Not Your Body, You Have a Body


Interesting concept, we are not our body, we have a body! 

I believe if you come to a clearer understanding of what this actually means it could change the way you take care of your physical structure and also how you survey your mind. 

Your framework, your shape and physique, your natural hair colour, the shape and colour of your eyes, whether you are short or tall, and what part of the world you decided would be your heritage was all determined by you before you were born into this life experience. 

Your anatomy and ethnicity will become a very large part of your Ego conditioning, in other words, what you look like and who your tribe are in part will transform into your inherited beliefs and how you view yourself in the World. 

Who decided this providence for you, and why was this to become your destiny without your conscious knowledge? 

The body you have in this life not only contributes to the life of your Ego but it also permanently inhabits your Soul, the immaterial part of you. It is this immortal energy which chooses what you would look like, where you would come from and what experiences would be necessary for its evolution in this incarnation. 

Your work in this life is to fulfil your evolutionary obligation and see it to the end. Now if you are to not taking proper custody of your physical vessel and things end up going wrong, how are you to complete your Souls mission? 

You must take the provision of what is necessary for the health and welfare of your body, this is a responsibility you must take with great care. In an age where there is a great deal of controversy about the condition in which our food is produced, it is more important than ever to investigate, so you can explore and examine what would be the best selections of food for your body. 

This may not have been such a particular focus for you in the past, but it is one that needs your attention in the present. Your Soul is relying on your wellness. 

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, it is more than being free from illness it is a dynamic process of complete physical, mental (ego), and spiritual well-being. 

Are there some changes you know you need to make to achieve this goal? 

Much love and devotion