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You Are A Beautiful Creation

You Are A Beautiful Creation


You are a beautiful creation, a human with an incarnated Soul, you are perfectly imperfect as you are, you’re meant to be a work in progress.

Do not be discouraged by the faults you see within your Self, for they are the clues to the perplexity that clouds and baffles your eyes in this tournament of life.

You have everything you need to fulfil your purpose. What might my purpose be you may ask your Self, what higher goal did I come to achieve?

Perhaps your ambitions this far are moulding you in the right direction to the aspiration that awaits in the future.

It is important that you don’t dilute your Self for any person or any reason, the more you weaken the syrup of your Spirit the more you decrease its merit and worth.

You are important with a magnificent dose of significance, your integrity is a gift to this world. Your sincerity for the journey you are travelling, the path you have chosen to fulfil your spiritual pursuit will have many undertakings but remember never be anything but your Self, to anyone.

Those who do not appreciate your authenticity have no place by your side, saying a gracious goodbye to many Souls that cross your life’s path will be necessary, the reasons will appear in your intuition.

Saying farewell to any person, place or thing is no easy feat, so let the tears that roll down your face be a reminder that there are Souls awaiting in the shadows for the empty space now in your aura, it is their time to serve your Spirit now.

Life has a way of deceiving us, like a fool we believe in so much that is not true.

Our Ego double-crosses us into believing we are less than what we feel we are.

Why do we so willingly allow our mind to drag us deep into such lies when we are wise enough to know better?

Let this be your task today, be watchful of your Ego voice keep a sharp lookout for what it is saying, become consciously aware of any words that just don’t feel right.

And remember passion and purpose go hand in hand, you will know you have reached your destiny when passion truly warms your heart and Soul. 

Much love and devotion