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WTF – Ego


We open our eyes to a brand new day. It is still dark as we look out our bedroom window, but it never matters because we love the tranquility of the undisturbed energy that surrounds us.

Everyone else is asleep, the absence of noise leaves a soft muted hush of silence in our ears, it is the best sound in the world. Shadows of the early morning mysteriously, enigmatically have an atmosphere of secrecy about them, the darkness has a way of allowing our minds to wander to fantasies of the unknown.

What seems so clear during daylight hours eludes us when it is black outside, everything seems so pure and simple when we can’t see with our eyes. Unexplainable sensations begin to arise as we fully awaken from our deep and restful sleep.

There is a puzzling and strange breeze in the room, we surrender for a moment curiously interested in the unfamiliar air. What is it that feels so peculiar? Our physical body is still soft and warm underneath the cozy blankets, but we pull the sheets a little closer to our face.

Sensing there is something else in the room with us we are apprehensive, ready cover up our eyes with the veil of material cradled around our ears. ‘No need to be afraid’, a soft and subdued whisper swirls around our mind, we relax enough to open our eyes again. ‘It’s just me’ it murmurs with a delicate sound. ‘Me who?’, I ask the question inside of my head. ‘I am your Soul!’. ‘My mind answers back to me, ‘I am the true essence of your Inner Being, the one who loves you, the part of you that worships the innocence of silence and the tranquil calmness of the day.

You turn your head to glance out the window again, there is a beautiful feeling of joy that is rising up in your heart because of the smile on your face. ‘It’s time to get up’, there is another voice inside of you, this one is loud and obnoxious.

You decide not listen so it yells a little louder, ‘get out of bed’. This insistent blaring you recognize without a doubt, it is not like the whisper you heard a little earlier, this is your Ego, the one that always seems to want to ruin everything. Regardless, you are still smiling, reminiscing about the few moments you had all cuddled up warm and cozy with your Soul.

Your feet touch the ground, another day begins, another beautiful, incredible day to be ‘you’.