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Wounds Within Our Blood Line

Wounds Within Our Blood Line


Our spiritual mission is of one origin and this cause asks us how can we transform the wounds within our family line so that its damage gets disrupted. 

How may we undo what has been done for years and perhaps centuries that does not serve well in the present external world in which we live? What principle beliefs do you hold tightly to your chest, the very centre of your Heart Chakra, the energy centre of love and emotional power, what are you still trusting as a viable tool in this world that is, in fact, stunting you from growing into your true Self? 

What false confidence do you hold credence to? In fact, consciously what do you know within your Soul is causing you emotional damage by continuing to rely on the root of its source? 

So many questions, so little time, is this really the truth, is there little time? Realistically you have from today until you die to work through your karma so you may vindicate and reclaim the true and authentic essence of your spirit. 

The cosmos at this time is potent with energies to wake us up, all of us, to a clearer way of thinking and behaving, what is it you are fighting for because every day you awaken you are unconsciously fighting for something whether you are aware of it or not? 

It is within our human instinct to fight, our Ego sets the stage each and every day to make sure we are on constant alert, draining us of our natural abilities to tap into our most reliable weapon, our intuition! 

The Ego talks us out of anything we know we can trust, any decision, any query within our Self, every thought felt from our gut is manipulated by our Ego into a distorted lie, our adrenal system is in constant demand to keep us from panicking a 100 times a day. 

Our human vessel is overworked and under-loved all because we are too afraid to challenge what lies in our distorted mind, inherited patterns we refuse to let go of, terrified of what we might have to face in the abyss of change. 

We must not trek on unfamiliar territory it is unsafe and insecure, what good comes from upsetting the apple cart’, our mind chants to us. Ask yourself one more question, the most important one of all, what internal beliefs are damaging you, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well? 

Work on your Courage because anything is possible if you have the guts to go for it, whatever it is!

Much love and devotion