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Worrying About Tomorrow

Worrying About Tomorrow


Worrying about tomorrow, what a waste then we have made of today. 

We, humans, worry obsessively and we have a very good reason, the truth is we don’t have to blame our Self for such a terrible habit which is truly our Ego’s fault. 

Our Ego mind is the part of who we are which has been filled up with a magnitude of unwanted thoughts, over the years we have absorbed impressions of how our life should and needs to look. 

Ideas and feelings not to mention countless opinions which have been formed without conscious thought have all been stored in our mind year after year after year.

We, after a continuance of training, have become masters of impersonations, without our conscious knowledge we have perfected the fine art of imitating what we have learned through other peoples impressions.

Not only have our Tribe contributed to these biased judgments but so have the members of our work team, our neighbours, the grocery store clerk, the person at the post office and it seems how we view public opinion contributes to how we see the World as well.

Social Media with its countless networks of communication all interacting with humans to so call educate them on the events in the world, interactive multimedia who’s platform in society is to keep us up to date, informed and enlightened about our planet and our human race.

What our Ego digests is more often than not transformed into fear and sometimes paranoia.

Fear can become a serious condition which over time harms our physical body, our emotional sense of being and our mental state of mind, all because we have been wired to worry at a very young age without our knowledge.

Our Ego thrives on negative and destructive thoughts and so understanding what you think is not who you are authentically, what you worry about is only a byproduct of what you have been programmed to believe.

At the core of your Soul is energy that knows the value of today, the true spirit that resides within you understands the preciousness of each moment in the present time, the hours of today.

Worry is a terrible waste of valuable and priceless time and it robs us of joy, laughter, happiness and most of all peace and often physical well-being. 

For the love of yourself, stop worrying, everything in your life at this moment is as it should be. Whatever it is you are working towards, will come to you, if it is for the betterment of your Soul. 

Much love and devotion