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Wo Did You Suppress For?

Wo Did You Suppress For?


Humans have roles to play, but many of them are not meant to be played forever.

From the time we were born, life has been a game of compromise. We learned very early on how to get what we wanted when we wanted it.

When we were babies we knew if we cried we’d get fed or cuddled, if we whaled loud enough as a toddler, eventually we would get that candy bar at the grocery store check out just to shut us up.

In our teenage years, crafty was our middle name, little white lies so we could hang out with the wrong crowd, just to say we did wanting obviously to feel cool and a part of the in scene.

As adults we often have no choice but to be what our boss expects of us, smile at the customers, achieve, no overachieve is the usual, dress a certain way, some days it’s a struggle to be on time, never leave early without a dire excuse, befriend your coworkers and offer encouragement, attend those boring office parties and be fully present at the pep meetings, oh what a drag most of that can be, I’m sure you will agree it’s all a part of the human game, playing roles of what others would like us to be.

All the while the underlying diversion is of our Self.

Playing the game of suppression represents the roles we have participated in, how much of our lives have we played at eliminating, ignoring and obliterating our authentic self?

Pleasing people to get what we desire to make other people happy or worse to get their approval, lying to our self, compromising our self, undermining and sacrificing our Soul along the way.

But what some don’t realize is this game is not meant to be played forever, the merry go round does make a stop eventually and if you are wise enough you will take that leap of faith, and get the hell off.

Authentic is a word that describes someone who is genuine, real, bona fide and true, does this word satisfy your Self?

Roles that keep us trapped in responsibility giving us no choice but to suppress who we truly are, duty and obligation for someone else’s benefit, keeping on with a friendship or a partnership that you have outgrown to save face, or because it is all you know, why would you want to play the actor any longer in that role? From the time we are born our ego gets filled up with a lot of inherited BS, but it is at some point our responsibility to undo what is keeping us from being our Soul Self.

How many merry go rounds are you on, what can you take responsibility for so you can stop your destructive role-playing, what do you dream about for your future? 

Much love and devotion