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Why Is Change So Difficult?

Why Is Change So Difficult?


We humans don’t like change, this is because our Ego likes to keep us locked up in our old ways.

Change can be scary, especially when the Universe thrusts us into situations that force us to make changes in our life.

We are not meant to stay stagant in anything for too long, change is for the benefit of our Soul.

It is our Ego that makes us ‘afraid’ of something ‘different’, and often when we know we are in situations that are not serving us well, we lack the courage to do something about it, all because of our Ego mind. 

It is our intuition we need to rely on, the voice of our Soul. It is the ‘feelings’ we get inside that allow us to feel out a situation or circumstance, this is the sutle advise we should be trusting instead of our logical practical Ego mind thoughts. 

Practise trusting your intuitive nature. The best way to do this is in nature, or doing something creative. 

Tapping into our Souls energy isn’t always easy, but it is there inside of you waiting for you to listen.