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Whoever has Cried Enough, Laughs!

Whoever has Cried Enough, Laughs!


Growing pains are tough and they hurt but through the discomfort and in our release, we are able to feel lightness and the joy of living.

Crying is our Souls way of saying I don’t want to carry this pain around with me any longer. Each of us has grief, sorrow and heartbreak to work through.

There isn’t a human on this earth that hasn’t been affected by someone else’s behaviours.

Our encounters with people who do not treat us with the integrity we deserve leave wounds for us to heal from later.

When does later come?

This is a good question because everyone deals with ‘later’ in their own time, some humans never deal with it at all, and that is ok as well, not everyone in this life experience will be able to develop the courage to battle their Ego.

Those whose inner torment makes them cry enough will ignite the Warrior who yearns to heal.

To wear the suit of a soldier there must be something to fight for, and what better mission to combat than the action we must take against the conflict of our Ego mind.

Warfare against everything we have been taught to believe is the truth is worth fighting for because of these falsified truths we have come to know lies the seat of our suffering.

What do you want to believe, for the answers trust your intuition to speak the sincere truth with you? You must also be forthright with your Self and take responsibility for the mantle, let the onus be on you to fulfil the duty of discarding the patterns you have inherited from your Tribe.

A great deal of what you have absorbed in your life must be un-done so you can clear the way to the authenticity of who you are and what you stand for.

Peeling away the dead and rotten judgments that cloud your credence about yourself and the world is not for those who are feeble and fragile, for it is those who cry enough that will appreciate the cleansing to the truth of who they are.

And in this truth, there is peace, laughter, compassion and love.

Much love and devotion