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Who Is A Mentor?

Who Is A Mentor?

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She is an experienced and trusted adviser, a guide and a guru, a confidant and a counsellor.

She earns her title well, having tread through her own muck to achieve the highest state of consciousness, it is through her own life experiences she is able to draw the wisdom needed to share with others.

She is always on duty, her doors never close her phone is always by her side, just in case someone might be having a bad moment and needs a helping hand.

Her skill to listen is patient and sharp, she hears the details in every word spoken, she has a unique way of deciphering pain through the tearful times that often arise.

Compassionate and kind, loving in every way she never falters in making your visit time for you and you only.

Serving as a mentor her work is to support you in your spiritual development, she is a source of wisdom and teachings, she observes you down to the finest details, assisting you in understanding the hidden aspects of who you are.

She is an advocate for your Soul which is work she takes very seriously with the utmost respect.

She shares your goals and fights alongside of you with your fears.

She shares where you struggle and listens carefully to where her guidance will serve you the most.

She is a Soul Contract, someone you asked to come to you when the time was right, an agreement you made with her before you came to this earth.

So never fear, she will appear for you when you are truly ready.

A Mentor knows no boundary’s with compassion, her empathy for your sufferings will be shown with kindness, love and humility.

She knows of the places where your heart hurts the most, she knows the darkness of the abyss, and the pain that hurts like hell, she has been there herself on her own journey.

A Mentor knows everything there is to know about being humble, this is a state of consciousness which is only achieved through the awareness of wanting to know more than you do already.

Your mentor will help you crack open the safe where your Soul has been resting, so you may blossom for the rest of your life. 

Much love and devotion