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Who Are Your Tribe?

Who Are Your Tribe?


Birds of a feather want to flock together.

Do you know who your Tribe is?

Who are the people in your life that really appreciate you for who you are? Who are the ones that help validate your authenticity without judgment?

It is important as we move through the process of our spiritual elevation, that we choose wisely whom we spend our time with.

Letting go of the Souls that have fulfilled their contracts with us must be freed, so they themselves can continue on their life’s journey.

Holding onto individuals that have expired their time with us, will only hinder and enable either party to hold steadfast in their karma, with not much chance of moving forward.

Acknowledging and acting upon what we intuitively know is the right thing to do, in any situation when it involves people we care about or love, is extremely difficult and there must be time set aside so we may mourn their loss.

Healthy grieving will grant us the freedom to move on without guilt or prejudice. Most of the expired Soul contracts as they come to a close will dissolve naturally, peacefully and without any cause for concern.

There may be one or two that will not willingly accept your breaking away, they may resist at all odds, fear has gotten in their way and they are not able to move forward without a fight.

This is a time when we must remember that whatever it is they are afraid of, is indeed not our battle to blaze.

Holding onto anyone because they ‘need you’, does neither Soul any good at all.

Resistance, courage, endurance, and strength are inner tools for you to tap into in order to release, let go and accept that contracts do expire, and sometimes at the most unlikely of times.

It is important to remember that our life’s journey is about facing the challenges, understanding the struggles and recognizing most of all where we need to take care of ourselves.

Mystical healing needs to be understood so we may willingly allow the transformation of our Soul with ease.

Wherever it is you hold your faith, believe and trust this faith when you need a helping hand.

The journey to discovering the deepest, richest and most magical pieces to the puzzle of our existence is worth every decision we ever make, as long as we make it with integrity, poise and a caring heart.


May You Find Truth