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Who Are The Lightworkers?

Who Are The Lightworkers?


They are people driven and motivated to do work to assist in making the world a better place.

They are here to help improve peoples lives, so they may elevate to a higher level of consciousness. Lightworkers feel like they don’t ‘fit in’ with the majority of the people in the world.

They feel like they are different and most often misunderstood by most other humans, even their own family. Lightworkers believe they are here for a divine purpose, there is a constant feeling of inner urgency and restlessness within them until they find their way to their purpose.

A Lightworkers childhood was often difficult, painful and lonely. Lightworker people are very compassionate, they always go out of their way to help others.

These people are helpers, healers and people pleasers, even to their own detriment, it isn’t easy for a Lightworker to say ‘no’.

They are incredibly empathic, meaning they can literally feel other peoples emotional states. Lightworkers tend to attract relationships that are unbalanced, they attract wounded people who need healing.

It is important for Lightworkers to establish boundaries, this usually happens as they get older and a little wiser about taking care of themselves.

Lightworkers crave love and acceptance, yet they have such a difficult time finding it. Although Lightworkers often feel lonely, they would rather spend time alone than hang out with people who don’t understand them.

Lightworkers have little interest in many of the things that the masses are obsessed with, like sports, celebrity gossip, fashion trends ect.

Lightworkers value peace and harmony, they dislike arguing and fighting to the point it may even make them feel ill.

Lightworkers are not as materialistic as the general population, they don’t care much about status symbols and fancy expensive items such as cars, homes, furniture.

They tend to have dreams that are very vivid and interesting, and as young children they may have seen angels, fairies and spirits some may still see them as adults.

Lightworkers tend to suffer from ‘feeling down’, it isn’t easy for them to live in this world because there is so much mindlessness, destruction, disregard and violence.

Lightworkers are here to help, people are drawn to their energies for that reason when the help is given and the work is done, it is time for the Lightworker to move on.

Lightworkers seldom have many friends, the people that stay in the Lightworkers life till the end are very special indeed.

The duty of the Lightworker is to keep their soul purpose at the forefront of their life, their job is to help this planet in any way possible to make it a better place.

If you are a person who finds yourself spending more time alone because your social life is shrinking, you have a desire to relocate, perhaps to a place you have never been before, you feel lost in your career and have an inner sense that there is something else you are meant to do, you feel fed up and tired of your old life and you want a massive change, and/or you sense something big is about to happen but you feel like you are waiting and waiting, then likely you are a Light worker that needs to make his/her way to your new purpose.

Perhaps the first step is to work on courage so you may come to accept who you are because you are a divine spiritual being sent here to help in a very magical way. 

May You Find Truth