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Where is Peace?

Where is Peace?


How many countless hours have we pondered on this question? Only to discover perhaps nothing or only a small fraction of what peace really means to us.

Does peace even exist, and if so, how do we find it?

Peace is an altruistic desire, meaning that it is not a selfish wish. Asking for peace in our life is often ridiculed.

Those who are motivated by selfishness are suspicious of anyone who is idealistic, they cannot imagine someone wanting the simplicity of a peaceful life. This would be all too plain, natural or boring for many people.

It is not without benevolence to desire something that is well meaning and kindly. Wanting to find peace in our lives ultimately is not only for ourself, but for the benefit of the whole.

Embracing positive energy has such a trickle effect, one smile can create hundreds of smiles in a very short period of time. Positive energy elevates all of us on this planet.

Peace doesn’t have to be only a dream, there is a tremendous amount of reality in what peace really stands for, it is not just a word.

Peace is also a gesture made with our index and middle finger. Originally this sign was the WW11 sign of ‘V for victory’. Winston churchill is seen is so many photos embracing the peace sign.

So where is peace? What if it is just a simple signal made with our fingers! A common motivation that is simple and easy.

A beautiful way to not only change our mind from negative to positive, but someone else’s also.

I would like to dare you – next time you are out, give someone the Peace Sign, smile and see what happens!

I bet you will find a little glimpse of ‘peace’ inside of you when you do.

Shanti, Shanti (means peace in Sanskrit)