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Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here?


We as humans forever long affinity. 

Our acute sense for the need to belong can alienate the wisest and strongest of Souls. 

Time and space can often make us anxious, when there are cracks within our root, much of what is familiar becomes frightfully unstable causing our mind to expand with thoughts of negative. 

Where do you belong, beyond your worldly duties? 

People say, ‘you are right where you are because it is where you are supposed to be’! 

Cliche perhaps is those words, an overused phrase which lacks originality, and maybe integrity. 

Some might argue, ‘I am where I am because it is where I need to be, but not necessarily where I want to be!’. 

Regardless I suppose, where ever it is your roots have taken to the earth you must dig your heels in and get to work, after all, there are seeds to be sown, crops of ideas and creativity to nourish so the Soul may be fed and kept well and healthy. 

It’s not an unusual feeling, isolation, quite the contrary when one feels totally alone in the world this is when strong and bountiful harvests will yield a heavy evolution of your Spirit. 

Embrace, accept and welcome the uncomfortable, encapsulate your loneliness enclose your Self in a cocoon and trust the Universes majestic powers, it is yours for the taking. 

The confinement will not last long, the envelope that is protecting you will become unwrapped when the time is perfect, believe in the power that is greater than you are because it resides within you at all times.

 Loneliness is for those who want nothing more than to feel lonely, the choice is theirs. 

But you my Beautiful Soul there is much more for you to indulge in than continuously wondering where you belong, maybe it isn’t for you to decide right now. 

So let the energies of the sun and the moon be your internal guide, for now, let the push and pull of the cosmic voices be loud enough to drown the sound of your Ego mind. 

You can manage the process of your Souls evolution, I know you can, because I feel it, and I want nothing more than for you to be free….just like me.

Much love and devotion