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When You Know You’ve Let Go

When You Know You’ve Let Go


Sometimes you just have to be ‘done’, you’re not mad, tired or upset you are just done!

Once you have fully detached from the negative pattern of behaviour that has held you hostage for the whole of your life, there will come a day when you know you are empty of that part of you and you are done with it. 

This is what ‘letting go’ feels like.

It is the most profound sense of freedom your Soul will ever feel. The attachement inside of you that has been a source of fear for you, in whatever way, has been released. 

What you inherited from your anscestors so you may shed karma in this life experience has been achieved by letting go. 

You have now elevated your Soul to a new vibration. This asention will gift you freedom, peace and a new profound sense of love for your Self. 

This is the sole reason we are here on this Earth, to evolve our Soul and raise the vibration of this planet.