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When You Know It’s Gone

When You Know It’s Gone


It is our multitude of attachments that seem to get us into trouble, it’s what we hold onto that keeps us spinning around the hamster wheel, which never seems to slow down long enough for us to jump off so we can escape.

Sure all of us have attachments to our material possessions, some more than others, our stuff or at least some of it holds a place in our heart for one reason or another and parting with those special items would be emotionally tough.

But it’s not the tangible things we own that cause us to stress and worry it’s whats lodged deep inside of us, the untouchable, the ghostly and ethereal energies of what we have inherited as our Karmic mission in this life experience, it’s that which keeps us delicately attached to our behaviours we seem to repeat over and over again.

Working on releasing those inherited behaviours is a chore to say the least, it’s not easy stuff to work through I must admit, but the more conscious you become the less difficult you will find your Soul work to be.

It’s a beautiful day in paradise when you suddenly recognize what you had been brutally attached to in the past (for example; compulsively feeling the need to help other people, not being able to say no when you desperately know you need to, giving to your own detriment)  suddenly is not the case any longer.

When the Universe gives you a scenario which allows you to make a healthy choice with no emotional attachment and with no Ego involvement, it is a really good indication you have worked through an old pattern of behaviour and you have achieved the fine art of ‘letting go’.

When you know in your Soul the choice you made is the best one for yourself and for the other person and it feels ok, congratulations you have made your way to the other side of some karmic baggage.

When you are able to make a decision based on compassion and love regardless of the circumstances and you know without a doubt what you have decided is in the best interest of your Soul and the other persons Soul, compliments to you!

What would have been excruciatingly difficult in the past, what would have caused you to stress and feel anxious, what would have compromised your integrity and the spirit of who you know yourself to be, if you no longer feel these symptoms when making the same decision that would have caused you to anguish in the past then be very proud, you know without a doubt you have come a long way on your spiritual journey. 

May the force be with you!

Much love and devotion