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When We Sleep Where Do We Go?

When We Sleep Where Do We Go?


Are you one to dream when you sleep, some tend to dream a lot others not so much, remembering the movie that played on the projector in our mind is what tends to be difficult.

You have to catch the details as soon as you wake up, or the story fades into the darkness before long. I’m told we leave our body when we reach the deepest state of unconsciousness during the night when our flesh and bones are silently laid out on our beds.

Do we travel home I wonder?. It is said we visit with the deceased, we catch a little mentoring with our Guides and we journey to far away places, the ones we always daydream to visit. What do you believe, do you have stories of your far away travels at night?

Have you ever been awakened by a strange shuddering in your body, a jerk reaction that wakes you suddenly?

Maybe you just returned from the unknown, a wiser Soul for having visited with your precious Guides!

I pray to sleep at night so I may dream, I often ask the Universe for guidance to a particular query, ‘show me the answer while I’m sleeping’, I softly whisper just before I fall asleep.

Our dreams can be terribly haunting some nights, makes us wonder where we went or what the message might be, perhaps we’ve been taken back to a life once lived a hundred years ago?

What happens when we sleep is a silent mystery to all, people, places and things appear, stories are played like movies in a theatre, the background is always black and while we may hear voices from the actors the words fade away as if they were never spoken.

Insensible is our body for the hours we are dozed, laying completely still or restless if that’s the case, either way, we don’t know where we’ve been, only our Soul knows of the faraway places we visit while our vessel rests.

Or do you know, have you been home?

Much love and devotion