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When Something Shocks Us

When Something Shocks Us


There has been a time in your life when something very shocking happened, it was so dreadful in fact it left you with a saddened and heavy heart.

A heart so densely thick with sorrow there was only one question you desperately needed to be answered and that was ‘why’.

Why you asked the Universe day after day trying to ease the anguish and despair from your body.

The more you asked the less you heard, the thrashing of your mind so full of memories once shared was torturing your Soul. ‘I need to let it go’, you pleaded with the reflection of yourself in the mirror, ‘please help me to let it go’, you begged the Universe one more time.

For a moment you were able to dry your tears and take a closer look at the clear image staring back at you in your mirror, the one with the eyes looking so forlorn and torn, it was you who’s Soul you could see and it was whispering to you.

‘You are one with your pain, let it ooze from your body, let it bleed from your heart, cry until there are no tears left and then let there be peace’, spoke the murmur from the deepness of your core.

‘Do not sink into the abyss for often there is no way out, find comfort in love and let it be so’, there was a confidential tone of voice coming from your Soul only you could hear.

The message was loud and clear enough to understand, at least the best you could from where you were, still in that place of asking, ‘why do things happen the way they do’?

Life so often makes no sense, we try ever so gravely to keep control but it never seems to work that way, somethings happen and our command is lost leaving us confused and in a state of bemusing.

There is a higher meaning in everything that happens, our work is to discover what it is.

And as we begin the discover this elevated explanation, the Universe gifts us peace.

Much love and devotion