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When “IT” Is Gone

When “IT” Is Gone


I love the fine art and process of letting ‘It’ go, there is nothing more peaceful and satisfying knowing the old wound has finally closed up and there will be no scar.

Synchronicity provides us with a variety of events or series of actions in order for us to achieve a particular end to an old behaviour, it can be a very exciting time as we move through the investigative stage of deciphering the clues to our release.

Exhilarating in a sense we never know what is around the corner and the synchronistic coincidences the Universe gifts us, can often be mind-blowing, to say the least.

The process of letting go has a beginning and thankfully it has an end. When the Universe sees fit the time has come for a cleaning of our senses it gets to work assisting us with people, places and things to poke at our internal wounding to get our attention.

The prodding will be subtle at first so as to not overwhelm us far too much, there will be subtle innuendos to bring our awareness to the hurt we feel.

Over time the synchronicities will become louder and more clear, this is a time when the pain we feel inside increases.

Often when we are in such emotional pain we are not able to recognize the process for what it is, our Ego can trap us in the ugly drama of blame and resentment which doesn’t help either.

Eventually, we begin to become more conscious of what the behaviour represents and we start to pay more attention to the poking clues.

Then suddenly quite out of the ethers an event, or a person or even something as minute as a single sentence can grant us the very last clue and testimony to let us know ‘It’ is gone, at this stage of the game there is no more emotional reaction attached to the poking, the wound is healed.

When the piece of the puzzle we have been waiting for to appear is finally placed to finish the game, there is a complete sense of peace, and isn’t peace what all of us are looking for? 

Much love and devotion