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When Doubt Becomes You

When Doubt Becomes You


The day to day humdrum of our existence can often turn into more than just boredom or monotony, there may be a blanket of doubt which settles over us making life feel far worse than it truly looks. 

Where did my joy disappear to and why when I look into the future do I find myself questioning if happiness resides in the days and months ahead! 
Is it the depths of winter and my longing for more daylight, is it the bitter cold and the intense stillness of mother nature that is clouding my positive thoughts? 

Doubt creates uncertainty and no human likes to be unsure of anything. Suspicion arises when the Soul hesitates with her intuitive messages, what is she waiting for? 

Confusion becomes a question mark and insecurity quickly releases the dirty hounds searching for a warm and vulnerable prey, hesitancy becomes the breath and the energy of mistrust wants us to run far far away. 

Somedays there is nothing more than cynicism and the mind keeps asking, will something ever happen or whether the work was all worthwhile. 

Doubt never believes in optimism or the buoyancy of hope, is all confidence lost and has the Universe forgotten its promises to you? 

When the ego recognizes a crack in the foundation which has been safely protecting you from negativity, it begins to fill the rupture with an explosion of non-desirable thoughts. 

Reject what you can hear in your head and find the courage to secure your foundation once again, take back your personal power and release the fears you harbour over doubt. 

Patience is a dirty word and should be banned from the dictionary, there is no velocity for suffering the tolerance of delay, ‘I can’t wait’ you chant to yourself hoping your Guides will hear you. 

To doubt is to be human, and only a temporary state to reside in, so continue with your forbearance and never lose sight of hope. 

Love and Devotion