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What We Think We Know….

What We Think We Know….


Looking back on my life, for what seemed forever I thought I knew it all, figuratively speaking  ‘I had the cat in the bag’ all was well and fair enough I had control of my destiny.

Well, I couldn’t have been more incorrect and out of touch with how the labour of human existence truly works.

My way of thinking and doing was completely invalid, and what I believed to be real was fallaciously untrue. I didn’t have a clue about any Ego, nor did I challenge my way of acting or executing when I had a desire to possess, or do or a wish for, I just did it.

Grant it I was born with an Aries personality, which worked for a great many years as an excuse for my often reckless behaviours, but as the story goes one random day I got thumped, slammed and kicked with a force so powerful I had no choice but to stop in my impetuous tracks, thank goodness!

The biggest problem we have with being human is we don’t give enough attentiveness to a part of us that has more control over us than we like to admit.

If only we were educated when we were young about our Ego, we would recognize how easily to bypass the brainwashing and get right to the enlightenment phase!

If I had been privy to my unpredictable, unstable and turbulent mind all those years that have passed by me, it wouldn’t have been such a train wreck at times.

But we all know that’s not how the story goes, it’s not what the Universe plans and so be it. It isn’t until an event happens in our lives in whatever way it comes to cause us to revive and awaken to discovering the real truth about our existence.

Most of what we thought we knew in our past, we unearth and recognize has been an outright bunch of bull shit and so when that random day that comes to wake us up, we have to go back to the start line and begin again.

Just like anything we have to start over, our first thought is to say no and run away, a natural reaction for a human but this time you can’t run, or you darn well shouldn’t if you know what’s good for you!

The task at hand is to undo what you think you know is the truth about who you are, in your discover along your journey to this veracity you will awaken to a brand new and beautiful new YOU. 

The time has come to start thinking more about your Self, when are you going to get started? 
(or when are you going to get finished, sort of speak?)

Much love and devotion