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What Is None Of Our Business?

What Is None Of Our Business?


What is none of our business and what should be, I’m struggling with this question?

Is there a fine line between what would be considered loving compassionate advice, especially when it comes from an Elder who has walked through life and learned many a lesson, or is the delicacy of the line not meant to be crossed because it simply isn’t any of my business.

Spiritually I know the rules, but when it comes to our own personal life especially when it includes people you love, mostly those of whom are young and still very unconscious, do the karmic rules apply, I’m struggling deeply with this?

What good is working so hard at being a master of speaking the truth when one part of me wants to shout at the top of my lungs and the other says ‘no, it is not your responsibility’.

What keeps me from sleeping as I should be at night is my hungry Ego, and yet there is no food in the cupboard that will satisfy its hunger.

My delicate thoughts seem to travel through my veins like a high-speed train late for its arrival destination.

I lay silently waiting for the derailment, at least then there would be silence and I could fall back to sleep.

To consciously be a witness of such suffering, surely the Universe would make this one exception, I ponder, do I speak or do I continue to follow the rules, my mind is fidgety, restless and terribly uncomfortable so the question now I ask, who is suffering the most?

‘Me’, I don’t hesitate to answer, it is me that is suffering at this time, the one who ‘see’s’ the truth but is helpless within it.

There is an old saying, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’!

The truth can be spoken in the most compassionate way there could be, but if it is not received with awareness what good is it!

My sleeplessness is my problem, the suffering of others is not unless they come to me, the Elder for my wisdom and advice.

In my own suffering I surrender, I must let the Universe be my guide for it is the one and only that I trust, but my prayers will be for those of whom I love with the hopes one day they will grow and become conscious also and perhaps see what I see and have the wisdom to do something about it. 

Much love and devotion