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What Is A ‘Shift’?

What Is A ‘Shift’?


Our Soul work here on Earth is a matter of shifting perspective, becoming more conscious of our thoughts and actions weeding out the good from the not so good and making adjustments accordingly.

In this action, we recognize what is valuable to us and what is not, what is beneficial to us and what is not to our Soul’s advantage.

As time moves on we may very well begin to see what changes have naturally taken their place in our life, perhaps you desire more solitude, no longer needing the attention or company of other people, the membership of your Tribe has dwindled to all but a few, and your time in nature has expanded to a necessary quantity.

If you have become symptomatic to your environment, large crowds overwhelm your senses, excessive noise is intolerable, and the smell of your surroundings now irritates the inside of your nose, it is very likely your internal world is shifting and it is time. 

Unknowingly to our mind’s eye, a beautiful process is transpiring, deep below the surface, so deep, in fact, we are unconsciously aware of what is taking place, all we know and feel is there is a life adjustment coming and soon it will be revealed.

The naturalization of our Souls evolution is a process in which we become aware of knowledge held within us that we had no perception of before, once we become acquainted with these facts we are held accountable to do something about them, the Universe will ask this of you.

Do not be afraid or alarmed by any shift, instead embrace the undertaking and know without a doubt the other side is a beautiful place to be. 

Much love and devotion