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What Is A Miracle?

What Is A Miracle?


For a non-believer a miracle is something which is not notable because the first thing the person brings to the table is their intellect, ‘if you don’t have proof then it didn’t happen’, but the fact is we know miracles happen every day to people of all kinds, even the naysayer may get more than one miracle in his or her lifetime and yet, unfortunately, will not acknowledge it as such.

To disregard something as remarkable as the concept of miracles is to neglect we are as much a spiritual being as we are a human being.

How should the event of a miracle be defined, is it something outer-worldly, a phenomenon which happens only to those who are truly worthy, is the marvel of an event which is not explicable by natural or scientific law candidly genuine at all?

There is a little bit of cynic in all of us, our ego likes to think in practical logical terms its energy thrives only when it is feeding into the pessimistic complainer, so what then allows us to trust in such a phenomena as a miracle, is it the part of us that desperately craves for a deeper understanding of our own existence and the mysticism of the soul we know is a part of us?

We have been taught for centuries to feed only our scientific mind, to believe in what is tangible, material and real but we are in a new paradigm now one that is meant to shift our minds from being stuck in our ego to something more spiritually genuine.

There is an energetic movement and it is changing the direction of our thought processes, doubting the idea of a miracle will become extinct along with so many other spellbinding fascinates that we are not meant to believe in.

If you live in a hypnotic state of fear, if the anxiousness of your thoughts cause you distress and suffering these symptoms relate to an energy that is asking you to let go, let go and simply and easily believe in miracles and other mystical modalities, because by God and the Universe, they happen for people like you each and every day. 

Much love and devotion