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What Infuriates Me to My Core

What Infuriates Me to My Core


More and more Starseed, Indigo and Highly Evolved Children are coming to our Earth. 

They are listening and they hear our sad cries for help. 

Many of these special Souls are volunteering to come and assist in raising the vibration of our species and our planet. 

But there is a terrible catastrophic tragedy happening, once these beautiful gifted Souls become a part of the Educational system, they are being targeted as ‘problem children’.  

The parents of these children are being manipulated into feeding them medications to keep them quiet, subdued, numbed out, their Souls are confused. 

The medications are stopping them from thriving so they can fulfil their mission to help save us from the powerful institutions that are ruining human lives and destroying Mother Earth. 

Teachers are trained to watch for the warning signs, any child that does not fit in the shallow and narrow-minded box that categorizes children of what school system deems ‘normal’, they are targeted, drugged and labelled. 

We as a society must begin to take action. 

We must stop those who have been given the authority to destroy the Souls of the children who are here to become the new Warriors of our land. 

We must begin to recognize the character and personalities of these new children and understand they will never fit into the marginalized box that our Educational System requires. 

These Highly Evolved Children are different, they are naturally intuitive, intelligent, they thrive in nature and not chained to a desk. 

These children know what they need, they know our Educational System is prehistoric and out of date, they understand the redundancy of what and how they are being taught is archaic, this is what makes them frustrated, agitated, angry and upset, this is why they are not able to engage and perform like ‘normal’ children, they are far from the norm. 

If you yourself have a child that is taking medication because a Teacher or a Principal of a school suggested your child is disrupting the class, do your research if you need someone to talk to contact Annanda. 

If you know anyone who’s child is taking medication because he or she was deemed ADHD, ADD or the like, let them know there are many wonderful resources to help explain why this is becoming the new epidemic in our school systems. 

Why are we letting those in authority who have a dark agenda poison our children when they volunteered their Souls to help us? 

Much love and devotion