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What Happens When Fears Are Abandoned?

What Happens When Fears Are Abandoned?


Casting off the overshadow of our wounded Self is a dark and oppressive place to venture, the intensity of the gloom can be felt between the rays of light at the surface of our pain. 

There is no other way to reach the shore of our longing to be whole again, we must dive deep into the infinite waters of our disabled and injured Soul. 

Who has harmed us, and what was the motive of their lashings, was it a sacred agreement sealed in Spirit before the rebirth of our Souls? 

To make sense of the torment and the harrowing grief, it becomes necessary to engage our conscious awareness towards a paradigm beyond the only dimension we know, our Ego. 

When it becomes obvious our Ego takes over the place of our wounded Soul, we know the abyss has yielded the demands we made upon it, great healing has occurred and we are closer in assembling our Spirit to completion. 

When fears become abandoned our outer shell may look different, our eyes take on a new shape and the features of our mouth no longer tell tales of sorrow. 

Our inner armour has dissolved, the hard protective shell which once encased our Soul is gone, there is no longer a need to hide, retreat or cower, the essence of our bona fide and sterling nature is a witness to the progress of our evolution. 

Who dare give a damn what people may say, for once, I don’t care, who dare try to stop me now in all that I am, no one can taunt me, defy or provoke me I am as solid as any rock can be. 

When fear leaves our body, mind and soul freedom abounds and overflows.

Will you dare to embrace enough courage so you may cast off the filthy, obnoxious, and shameful stigma’s which are attached to your Soul? 

The time has come for you to release the disfavour you have ingested the whole of your life, freedom is waiting only inches away. 

Much love and devotion