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What Genes Do You Wear?

What Genes Do You Wear?


What Genes Do You Wear?

You sounded just like your father when you said that, was exactly what I thought after the words leaked out of my mouth. Oh the stuff we say, if only we could take it back. What possesses us to be just the person, we always said we didn’t want to be like?

Genetically we inherit certain genes from our parents. All of us inherit genes from both of our biological parents and these genes, in turn, express specific traits. Some of these traits may be physical, for example, hair and eye colour, on the other hand, some genes may also carry the risk of certain illnesses.

Perhaps what we fail to understand the most, is what gets handed down to us in terms of behaviours. As we grow from babies into our adulthood, life, in a nutshell, has been all about programming conditioned behaviours into our psyche. Most of our days this far, to some degree, our parents and those who have an influence on our lives, have spent a lot of time filling up our Ego’s with thoughts of systematic structures on how we should act and be in the World.

The truth is, what our parents learned about themselves was stuff that their parents handed down to them, information that they learned from their own parents, our Grandparents – so on and so on. Our task in this life is to challenge some, or if you are really ambitious ‘all’ of what you have come to believe is the truth about yourself and how you must live in this world.

Our Soul is unique to us, each and every one of us is different in our own right. The intelligence, the messages or the communication that comes from the people in our life, will not necessarily resonate with the Spirit of who we are. When we hear ourselves speak in a way that reminds us of someone else, and we don’t really feel great about it, then perhaps we have brought to our own attention a pattern that no longer serves the Soul of who we are.

The challenge is to allow ourselves the internal healing associated with that behaviour and release it. Not an easy endeavour, I will be truthful and the mission might seem impossible at first. But if you want to get some Soul stuff done in this life, you have to start somewhere and taking a glance at what you really don’t particularly like in your parents, is probably what you really loathe about yourself. 

Much Love and Devotion