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What Does Your Ego Say to you?

What Does Your Ego Say to you?


‘Yes, it’s you isn’t it, Mr Ego, looming around again to see what nonsense you can stir up, well I’m on to you, I know what you are, you are fear and you have met your match, I’m not the unconscious one I used to be’. 

This happens to be a conversation I had with my Lower Self yesterday, the outcome was magical because my Higher Self stepped in and saved me from going down that rabbit hole where despair and distress hang out. 

Dialogues like this one tend to happen more frequently when we are intuitively tapped in because our Ego begins to fear there may be change on the horizon. 

Change is a sacred topic, it’s not one to talk about without a holy purpose because change is what we humans fear more than anything else, even our fear of heights does little to compare. 

Taking charge and doing something different, whatever the circumstances might be is an undertaking which requires a tremendous amount of trust. 

Most of us are aware we have an internal tool we can rely on to assist us in absolutely anything and everything we ever need to face in our life, we are aware of this tool but what is so unfortunate, is we seldom trust how to use it. 

Our internal radar, also known as our intuition or our gut feeling is as trustworthy as God himself, but for most of us, our belief in our Self has shrunk to nothing but a silent whisper. 

How can I tell the difference between my Ego voice and my intuitive nature? What a brilliant question and once you begin to investigate and come to some kind of understanding of this difference within yourself, your life will make a whole lot more sense. 

If I can put it quite simply just, 

for now, your Ego is the drama which causes you pain and upset, your intuition is a calmness and a feeling of ‘all-knowing’, something that just feels like the right thing to do. 

It takes practice to battle with Mr Ego, your Lower Self, but what you have to remember is your Higher Self will never surrender because it is this energy within you which believea in you every single minute of every single day you are alive, your intuition is as reliable and authentic as you are. 


Much love and devotion