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What Does Awareness Look Like?

What Does Awareness Look Like?


Sleep eases discomfort, when our physical vessel is resting we feel relieved from any outward aches and pains, what does sleep offer a mind that resembles a record playing over and over again?

With our eyes closed our nervous system is relatively inactive, our muscles are relaxed and consciousness is suspended, sleep brings with it a sense of relief and peacefulness.

Humans who say they suffer from depression want only to sleep, perhaps this is because it is the only way to shut down the record playing repeatedly in their heads.

Numbness feels completely different from what one would describe as depression. Symptoms of a numb Ego occur when there is no responsiveness from the human when the Ego needs to feed.

A mind which is senseless is a rarity indeed.

With this uncommon state of occurring, we must truly then begin to process what has transpired and where this scarcity leaves us in a World so unprotected.

Fear is what we are programmed to thrive on, agitation, trepidation and distress are what fuels our minds from minute to minute if we do not recognize what we are thinking then our unconsciousness goes unnoticed and fear becomes the word of every day.

One might say, ‘i”m not afraid, there is no fear in me’, but who gets the last laugh once we become aware of what was once subliminal?

Waking up to a pattern to which we have inherited, seeing the fear we have lived within that pattern and dislodging it from our Ego is the process of becoming aware and mindful.

When layers and layers of letting go have occurred numbness arrives, usually quite unexpectedly, just like the spiritual books tell us the light suddenly appears.

It takes time to adjust the lends of our Soul to let in such light, at first there is intimidation not from the Ego only from a Spirit which has laid asleep for a very long time.

The coma of our unconsciousness has kept us in the darkness of our shadow, our shallowness and our unawareness to the vagueness of our Self.

The light is welcomed and with it brings a warmth of numbness now only time will allow the Universe to assist us in adjusting our sails to the new winds that will blow our way. 

Much love and devotion