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What Do You Want Me To Talk About?

What Do You Want Me To Talk About?


I write a lot about the Ego and its turbulent relationship it has with our Soul.

I also write my sentiments about Empathic’s, Sensitives and Indigo people, there are so many of us and yet only a few know who they truly are, this makes me sad inside so I feel like my writings help bring new found awareness.

None of those words are meant to label anyone, I know a lot of you don’t like labels, they are simple words to help draw your attention, who knows maybe you are one of these Souls and have never known this about yourself before.

I write for the Earth and how much it needs are conscious love and attention, so much of what our planet gifts us we take for granted, but whether we like it or not or whether you want to believe it or not our Earth is hurting and it is we who need to nurture her back to wellness, it is our responsibility don’t you think, each and every one of us, we can’t rely on those in power to make things right, most of them are fighting against each other, telling false truths and trying to convince us our planet is healthy.

Manipulation and greed are two very dirty words that distort the truth to suit only a select few, I write a lot about how important it is to find our own truth, who are you other than what you have been taught to believe you are, what distorted messages do you send to yourself every day that seems to be holding you hostage in a state of stress, unhappiness, frustration, regret, guilt or other symptoms of depression and anxiety?

If this is how you are feeling why are you so thoroughly convinced you deserve to live your life this way, where are you not loving yourself enough?

I write a lot about how important it is to embark on a spiritual journey, each one of our Souls waits patiently for this day to come, the day when you decide there is more to life, and there must be more to discover about who we are than what we already know.

I woke up this morning wondering, what do you want me to write about today, what words do you need to hear right now, so tell me, what do you want me to ‘tell’ you?

Let me know so I can channel the answers for you because this is what I do, I write what comes into my head, messages if you will from a place out there in the Cosmos just for you.

Please tell me what you need to know!

Much love and devotion