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What Do You Value?

What Do You Value?


What is most important to you, ask yourself this question and ponder it for a moment, write down your answers so you can actually see with your eyes what you have chosen as your response, hold the paper in your hand so you are able to feel your reply as you have pencilled it.

When we write from our heart it is the Soul which answers what we ponder, and yet while we are living out our daily lives it is our Ego who rules what we think and what we feel, these are two very different ways in which we reason about something and how we use our internal intelligence.

Our Soul may say our family is important, our friends mean the world to us, our husband or wife, our children, grandchildren, as we write we realize without a doubt that it is those we love who are of the most primary importance to us.

What we value is what we invest in and we would go to the ends of the world for the ones that are most significant to us.

Most often than not our own name does not appear on our list, we have neglected to include our self on our ‘most important’ list.

If we invest in what we value then shouldn’t we invest also in our self? The astrological sign of Taurus rules our physical body, in 2019 Taurus moves into the sign of Uranus for 8 years.

This is a huge energetic shift for all of the world. Taurus is about pleasure and well being, Uranus represents change and evolution.

So have another look at what you wrote on your paper to answer the question I asked you, add your name to the top of the list and leave it there. We are coming into a time when the world is ready for a growth spurt, a time when we all need to step into our higher purpose.

Most importantly you must take good care of yourself so you will be fit and ready to wear your warrior clothing.

I know you have something incredibly valuable to offer the world, I can’t wait to see you in action. 

Much love and devotion