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What Are The Cosmos Offering Up?

What Are The Cosmos Offering Up?


Uranus in Taurus (The Second Sign in the Zodiac)

Rejecting fear is a big part of how we can collectively manage Uranus moving into Taurus. We can turn it into a triumph rather than a tragedy. In other words, now is a good time to start preparing for some challenging times as we adjust to a very necessary change.

As Uranus enters the second sign of the zodiac, we find the rebel planet dressed now as a warrior princess, a Valkyrie, embodying every archetype of revolutionary femininity that comes to mind. Uranus and Taurus are not the most compatible energies, so we’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride as these two negotiate their approach.

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, we will be spending this entire transit re-evaluating the issues Venus herself governs: finances, abundance, beauty, and earthliness, all through a feminine lens.

Uranus in a feminine sign has always been an interesting time for advancing women’s rights. And, this time around, we can add queer, trans, and non-binary folks to the list of people who will be demanding equal access to resources like land and money.

Speaking of land, our relationship with the earth is due to shift in a big way, too. Taurus is among the earth sign fam and is intimately tied in with the agrarian rhythms of human life. Uranus being housed there is going to demand that we pay more attention to our relationship with the green world that surrounds us. On a small scale, Uranus in Taurus might look like finally starting a garden (even if it is just a planter box!) and participating in a litter cleanup initiative – but on a collective scale, this ingress could move mountains!