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Well Prepare When Going Into Battle

Well Prepare When Going Into Battle


Battles are won when we have well prepared.

Sharpen your spear, and for your face choose the colours of your war paint carefully, there is no room for error, mistakes will be costly and what you arm your Self with before the battle begins will have everything to do with your future.

Energy is building within the walls of your temple, vibrations resembling ocean tides during a super full moon.

Temptations are surfacing, the voice inside your head is only but a whisper but you can feel the strength behind the wall ready to give way, it’s only a matter of a second.

Meticulously one stroke at a time, the battle painting begins just below the eyes, it is important that you are able to see your enemies every move.

Respectfully details begin around your mouth, you have chosen a deep shade of crimson, it has a dominant wavelength your voice of reason will be heard loud and clear.

When an opposing army sees red it can be sensed as heat, red is the colour evoked by the fire that fuels when danger is near.

Waiting is a game that no human invites, impatience is ancestral often with no cure. But the time has come there is no need to delay action another moment longer, you are ready, you are prepared, you are well armed and you want this more than anything you have ever wanted anything before.

Your Ego has taken its last breath. No longer will your inherited pattern plague you with relentless unhappiness, with tortured thoughts of never being free, no longer will you have to drown your Self with salty tears that sting your face so brutally.

This is it, your golden day has come, and the glittered gold paint that covers your heart will now be yours for the taking and no one else’s. 

You can do this, I know you can.

Much love and devotion