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Waking Up To The NOW!

Waking Up To The NOW!


Hello and Shanti

Today’s blog will be my last post until I return from New Zealand. For Daily Inspirations visit my website, my blog posts for the past 3 years are archived there (go to ‘Services’ the blog’s categories are on the right).
Stay tuned for new blogs coming soon.
Satya, May You Find truth

Remember when you were back in Public School, the early grades when everything seemed like such a challenge, there was always a wonder if you would remember it all and pass your tests so to advance to the next grade.

How about those times tables? What a difficulty they proved to be, memory work was always the hardest, at least for me.

And then, of course, do you remember back in those days when all of a sudden something in your school work became crystal clear, and you couldn’t wait to shout out loud with your arms in the air, ‘I finally get it’?

Experiences like those were so awesome, there was a sense of pride and accomplishment which made you feel 10 feet tall.

Have you had any of those kinds of euphoric moments since? Very often interesting times on our Spiritual path can emotionally resemble way back when and you feel 10 feet tall again.

It isn’t unusual to all of a sudden have a spontaneous realization or an unanticipated awakening that catapults you into some kind of higher vibration, especially when you have been diving deep into the Spiritual realms.

These kinds of energies can launch you into a place within your Self that is unfamiliar, which brings about a feeling of uneasiness, or even anxiety.

There is no reason for alarm, something astounding is taking place, a magnificent new way of thinking, living and experiencing life is evolving out of the chrysalis you have been encased in for a great many years.

Your new awakened state of consciousness has to some degree disempowered your Ego and opened up your intuition to an elevated knowledge of existence.

Now, is all that matters, not yesterday or tomorrow only now at this moment, because you are moving away from a responsiveness to your past and your future.

This is a time once again to throw your arms up in the air and say, ‘I finally get it’!

A much more efficient, healthy, simple and peaceful way of understanding and living life is yours, now, congratulations!

Much love and devotion