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There are some of you that impulsively and actively respond to situations that are not acceptable.

Accepting what happens or what others do with submission, just isn’t good enough for you at times. There is a docile movement on this Planet and it has to change.

Obedience, what a strong word. We are taught from a very early age to obey, comply and in many cases passively accept.

Constantly our Ego’s are being strengthened with fear, we must follow the rules or pay the consequences. Respect the laws of Society and be law-abiding.

But I’ve always seen a flaw in the order, it has always been very clear to me that there is more disorder than decree in this World. The more I become to understand and connect to the truth of who I am, the more rattled I am becoming about the ‘system’. Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way?

We can not get around the structural methods of the society we live in, rules are rules. Where we can make a change is how we allow our Egos to keep us trapped in fear.

We hold the power to
recondition, undo what we have been mandated to methodically believe about how we should live our lives.
The Hippy Era in the 60’s brought about such a movement. The brother and sisterhood of peace and love, for a time turned the world upside down.

There will always be Spirit seekers, human beings that see the world as something else, and not what they have been taught to ‘see’. Those courageous enough to turn the corner on conformed instruction and authoritative direction.

The wonderful news is, that more and more of these ‘Hippy’ type people are being born. Sort of a counter action against the ones born to dictate.

Happily, I am hopeful that some day there may become more of a balanced energy on this planet, at least that is my wish.

My advise, get your ‘Hippy’ On. There is a free Spirit inside all of us, let go and tap into your free will.

There is nothing more natural, than for us to think outside of our Egos, this is why we constantly get those ‘gut feelings’.

Whispers from our Soul that something just isn’t right!!!!

Start paying more attention to your Inner Being.