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Virulent Energy


Toxic energy can be extremely harmful to humans and the side effects are many. Not only are our physical bodies compromised, but our emotional and mental judgements and reasoning are effected, sometimes to extreme degrees.

Cutting contact with people that no longer serve you, will transform your life. At first, it will feel miserable.

Perhaps it might feel like you are going cold turkey from an addition. But as time goes on, you will come to discover that with each passing day, unexpected new blessings appear.

You begin to develop self-respect, self-esteem, new boundaries take shape, true lasting and fresh new friendships appear. You begin to move away from old patterns, and instead of running around absorbing negative energy from people, repeatably apologizing and constantly defending yourself, you move into a new state of freedom.

This new freedom allows your spirit to thrive in your new way of thinking, and doing.
Someday, as time goes on, you will look back and wonder how you even tolerated interacting with such unhealthy people.

The relationships you engaged in in the past become a very distant memory, compared to the truth of where you stand in your life now.

Your new self is happy, calm, with wonderful vitality and joyfulness. The energy of your Soul has elevated, and you blossom and flourish in all aspects of your life.

The word ‘love’ takes on a whole new meaning for you. Best of all this new ‘love’ is all that you feel inside of yourself.

It fills you up when open your eyes in the morning, like sparkling rays of sunshine that dance with the natural movements of the wind.