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Up-Level The Awareness Of The Planet

Up-Level The Awareness Of The Planet


What do you think your real job is here on Earth? 

Do you believe each of us has something profound to offer our species?

Do you believe it doesn’t matter a dam if you are white, black, yellow, green, blue or purple, or whether you are rich, poor or in-between, but in fact, we are all one in a vastness that is corroding before our eyes? 

The fact is we are not working as a team here on earth, as a collective, we have created a disfunction acting as a group, in fact, we seem to have become more separate as a society by creating more new and disturbingly corrupt history in the past several years. 

Our planet has become a dumping ground, not only for poisonous waste but in toxic consciousness as well, our earth is environmentally unfriendly and narcissistic homo sapiens are greedier than ever. 

Hiding behind blinders that keep humans from waking up to the damage is not going to work for much longer. 

Each and every one of us is being called to awaken, at least those of us who know in our hearts we have to start doing something more to save our planet. 

There is a new paradigm happening and if you want to be a part of it, you have to get to work on your Soul. 

Consciousness is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses, and in this new age of Aquarius, we are being called to a consciousness of our sixth sense, our intuition. 

It is time to snap out of the delusion your mind is creating to keep you from breaking free from your habitual habits because your customary ancestral routines are destroying your ability to utilize your gifts. 

Instead of feeling helpless, powerless, weak or futile reenergize what fuels your hopes and dreams, get out of your Ego fears and your incapacities. 

Everywhere around us the walls are crumbling like the scene out of a war movie, egoistical energies are destroying and impairing our world for control, money and power, we must find the courage to think outside of the lies they have boxed up to brainwash us into believing. 

Read between the lines now has a whole new meaning. 

Much love and devotion