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Unfinished Is Another Word for Limbo

Unfinished Is Another Word for Limbo

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As a human, we come to this earth with the mission to survive for as many years as possible. 

In the beginning, once we become separate from our parents, we prosper in providing our selves with at least the basics. 

Through our years we thrive constantly on expanding our material processions, our bank accounts, our list of friends, and most of all we continuously seek to find happiness. 

As a Soul we accepted this life experience to work our way through the karmic lessons we decided were necessary for our evolution. 

This all sounds very simple in theory, a neat and tidy agenda to adhere to, one that goes like this; we are born, we live, we advance and then we leave, awesome right? 

If it wasn’t for the stuff in-between the live and advance process being a human would be an easy and perfect responsibility. 

If you asked me to be more specific as to what is the most difficult task of trying to live while advancing, I would have to say being in limbo, the uncertain period of waiting while trying to make a decision or find a resolution to something unfinished. 

We, humans, tend to be a bit impatient, waiting for something to happen isn’t our best forte. 

Our Soul, on the other hand, can be as forbearing as a Saint, it doesn’t like to hasten or be impulsive, everything in its time and a time for everything when we are in a state of growth. 

The toughest part about being in limbo is being able to focus on our intuition when there is too much time between ‘change’ the Ego becomes a force to contend with constantly reminding us of what we can’t do and everything negative in-between. 

What I have come to understand about being in limbo is I must be tolerant of time and not allow it to make me suffer. 

Actually, limbo has become a friend of mine because I use it as an opportunity to seek within myself, I use the time I have when I am in between worlds to reconnect and strengthen my intuitive nature. 

Having a good relationship with our gut feeling guarantees the best possible outcome when the time comes you have to make a change.


My new take on limbo – no time is ever wasted!

Much love and devotion