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Uncomfortable Vulnerable Feelings

Uncomfortable Vulnerable Feelings


We, humans, shy away from anything that makes us uncomfortable, we don’t want to feel like we are not in charge, and because of this, we miss out on so many wonderful opportunities. 

It is easy to say no to what does not lie within our comfort zone, ‘no’ allows us to stay nestled in the place which is familiar to us, the place where we try our best to illuminate feeling vulnerable. 

Trying something new can be terribly stressful, there is nothing familiar to grasp onto, nothing to make us feel safe and protected. 

The question is, ‘how are we to explore, expand and evolve if we do not say yes to that which makes us feel vulnerable’? 

People say ‘take a leap of faith’, what does that exactly mean, should I be relying on something I might know nothing about? 

Faith is believing in your intuition, it is acknowledging your Soul and recognizing there is something more to you than just the noise in your head which tries very hard to keep you small. 

Most of what the ego does is subtle and silent, it knows we are powerless and unguarded, it knows we rely on what it tells us, we are defenceless to the guidance that comes from our minds, at least until we come to terms with feeling vulnerable. 

Until you are ready to expose yourself to the world in ways which might feel unbearable, there will be little progress in the growth of your soul. 

Letting your guard down and allowing your vulnerability to show itself will bring about feelings within that perhaps you haven’t felt in a long time. Will you feel anxious, of course, but maybe you will experience exhilaration, pride, and a sense of personal potential as well. 

When you are able to battle your ego enough to step into vulnerable energies, you have conquered one of the biggest barriers a human being puts in his own way. 

Much love and devotion