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Truth Or Delusion?

Truth Or Delusion?


“Believe only half of what you hear”, you may have heard this expression in the past.

In actuality now in this present world, we live in, I feel like it needs to be revised, “believe only what your intuition is telling you and nothing else”.

Who and what can we put our faith in these days, it is a question to ponder without a doubt. Truthfulness seems to be a quality that has been lost to the villainous.

Authenticity, principle and veracity, these principals seem to have long disappeared into the darkness of duplicity.

Do we lie because it has become our second nature, do we mistrust because we don’t trust ourselves? Is it our fault that honestly has become just a word, or is it the forces of our external world that have made delusion our reality!

Everything seems to be hidden behind a dark and dreary coat of deception, and those that model such a cloak wear also a mask to disguise the truth of who they really are.

Our world is camouflaged with a veil to hide the truth, each and every one of us eats from the bowl of obscurity, and we drink from the cup of delusion, what feeds our minds is malicious corruption of peoples actions and behaviours.

Our family, friends, co-workers, neighbours and the person who works at the check out in our grocery store, they all leave an impression on our Ego’s, idiosyncratic impressions often falsified and contradicted by their own states of mind.

If everything is not as it seems, what is real?

Our reality is distorted by negative discernment each and every day, we think we are experiencing wisdom, insight, and clear-sightedness but the question is, “are we”?

The real truth lies within, deep behind the swathe of our own egotistical minds, this is why we are here you see, to uncover the truth of ourselves.

Our work is to shed the layers of clothing that we hide behind, to go beyond our comfort zone and face our deepest darkest fears so that eventually we are able to stand comfortably in our own nakedness, this is where you will find the real truth, an authenticity that you can trust without a doubt.

So what are you striving for today people, another day of delusion or is this a chance for you to seek your truth?