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Times Like These

Times Like These


How much importance do you place on your physical well being, are you investing wisely in the vessel which houses your Soul?

Now more than ever before we truly must negotiate with our self how crucial it is to be clever about what we eat, and how much good judgment we place on physical exercise, who is going to look after us if we don’t?

Our food is tainted there is no denying this fact, the produce our farmers are forced to grow is double and often triple in size compared to 30 or more years previous in time, in fact most of what we eat that comes from the ground fails in comparison to what it used to taste like those same 30 years ago.

It is disgusting to think what those in power have done, to what we rely on to nourish our selves to keep us healthy and thriving in a World already so dysfunctional.

It makes me angry to know that so many humans do not have a choice but to eat what is provided in the big label stores, eating organic or more wholesome foods is either too expensive or not available to them.

Even to grow our own vegetables and fruits is unreliable, unless you choose organic seeds and cultivate with no sprays or pesticides we are no better off.

The work involved growing organic is arduous and takes many a man hour, there is some education required if your garden is to be a success.

Not only are the mass-produced gardens tainted with lies so are the cattle, chickens, and fish which line the shelves at the grocery stores.

Laced with hormones, antibiotics, and god knows what else if you are a meat eater you are ingesting these poisons into your digestive system, no wonder cancer is an epidemic in humans today.

Will it be cancer and other degenerative illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity that will eventually kill us all until we become extinct?

Is this part of the big plan, or is it a way and a means to control the human race even greater than ever before?

Money and greed seem to be the predominant energies in a world gone completely mad, a world full of hatred and anger, a society out of control, our law and order makes little sense any longer.

In times like these my fellow humans it is more important than ever to wake up to the insanity and become more consciously aware of how much more we need to invest in our self.

Don’t be fooled by the manipulation, it is all around us, become wiser to the media and the falsification, exaggeration and fabrication it invents every single day to brainwash us into thinking not for our selves but for those in power.

Turn of the switch inside of your head that has come to believe what you hear and see on your television, you will be much healthier for it in more ways than one. 

Much love and devotion