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Time To Become Conscious

Time To Become Conscious


The World is in desperate need of a growth eruption a purging of the old outdated ways of thinking and believing a new burst of evolution like never before is on its way.

Are you yourself ready to personally evolve, or will you get left behind in your egoistic thinking mind only to find yourself stuck in the old paradigm of who as humans we used to be?

The Universe has been testing us especially this past year with intense energies of the cosmic forces, eclipses, major planets in retrograde mixed with Scorpion influences to drag the darkness from our Souls, internal growth for a planet so backwards and pompous will not be easy for the masses.

This is a time for all humans to ecdysis like a snake sheds its old skin we must do the same with our beliefs, our way of thinking is at war with those in power.

To rebel with our voice is not enough for this is only our Ego laughing at the surface spewing words to increase the drama, disgorging negative energies in abundance to further corrupt our World.

What we need is a massive wake up, an evolutionary kundalini awakening of consciousness a vigilant understanding beyond the boundaries that were set in place for us as we matured into this life experience.

We must become keen on our awareness of the Ego and not give in to the social media of corruption.

Revaluate those of whom you trust, take a closer look at where you rest your confidence, your faith and your assurance, credence is on the table for all of us now.

Learn to become proficient at reading between the lines and take little at face value because human beings over the course of many decades have been tainted with falsified ways of thinking, acting and doing so few know the meaning of integrity.

It is a time of internal growth, find ways to become more aware, there is a global shift occurring right now, will you be coming with me and so many others or will you stay bound and tied to the old world stuck in your Ego mind?

Much love and devotion