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Time Alone

Time Alone


Humans are meant to be social.

We are wired to introduce meaningful relationships into our life.

Something as simple as a hug can electrify our immune system and give it a reboot. 

But, we humans (especially Empaths) crave to be alone as well.

Solitude also rejuvenates our physicall vessell, but more importantly it reboots our Souls energy.

Never worry about yourself if you crave more alone time than other people, if you are one to feel happier when you are alone, honour what you feel.

Sometimes being around other humans energy can be a little more complicated than one might think, too much energy can be over stimulating, it takes a long time to recuperate from an overstimulating eposode. 

If you desire to be alone, whatever the circumstances are, go ahead and take the time, because very likely not only your physical body needs it, your Soul does as well.