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Threads Of Energy


Holding onto ties with people, places and things that have expired there time with you in this life experience, can be detrimental to your Souls evolution. 

If it is you that is clinging onto the cord that keeps you attached to something you know you should or need to let go of, perhaps the time has come now to fully understand why you can’t let go! 

Everything about our physical anatomy, our mental and spiritual body is a vast array of energetic clusters. 

Our job is to keep this conglomerate of vibrant vitality free from obstruction so our body, mind and spirit stays healthy. 

The energy of fear comes from the ego, and the ego is fuelled by energy. 

But the ego’s power is charged mostly from negative, pessimistic, cynical attitudes, such as resentment, jealousy, anger, bitterness, and the fear of being alone. 

For humans having social interactions, friendships, and relationships are very important, actually, it is a necessary part of being human without other people in our lives we would be at odds as to how to grow and evolve. 

People who come into our lives and the relationships we form with them, in whatever capacity are a vital component in assisting us in learning our lessons. 

Some relationships will bring about harsh and difficult lessons, others will be easy, loving and kind, this process is a necessary balance to help us along our karmic way. 

Soul contracts do expire and when you find yourself saying ‘goodbye’ regardless of what fear arises in you, a final farewell it must be, your time with this person has concluded, the cord must be severed so you can both move on. 

It isn’t easy to say goodbye especially to those you love and have loved, but when your intuition lets you know the time has come, not only for yourself but for the other as well, then so be it and let no fear in you arise to alter the decision. 

Holding onto the threat that binds past relationships that have long expired is never beneficial because the cord between you holds an energetic pulse. If you have grown and the person on the other end of the thread has not, what do you think is happening?

Much love and devotion